1911 Beavertail Scribe Widget Jig Tool

# PRICE-- $34.95

# shipping---$4.95


# 30 day money back if not satisfied

# ships within 24 hrs by USPS

# we do not save customer info

# 3 yr guarantee on parts and labor


At a price of $34.95 plus $4.95 shipping this is an essential tool to add to your kit.  Orders will be shipped out within 24 hours via USPS. 

One widget to do both a .220 inch radius for short tang guns (Springfield) & .250 inch radius for long tang guns (Colt). As a gunsmith myself I envisioned this dual purpose scribe to accommodate both frames and at half the cost of having to have two seperate scribes.

I know you will appreciate the versatility and accuracy of the Denver45 Beavertail Scribe Widget Jig Gun Tool. 


1911 Beavertail Jig Gun Tool, Patent Pending